Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I get a little annoyed

Okay,I get a lot annoyed when there are people who want to talk the game but don't put up. You know the ones I am talking about? The guys with all the answers for your life but can't seem to get their lives together! These mellon heads who like to stand in judgment of your best effort but who won't break a sweat to do anything to benefit the kingdom. If I was God I would send them to hell for that kind of judgment! (Thankfully, no need to worry about me being deity- ask my wife- she is certain of it!)

I am a bit troubled over the way that believers in Jesus want to do their own thing. There is a sort of anti-establishment bias in the body of Christ. It is cancerous if you ask me. I don't mean those who want to sin- those boneheads are just plain sinners. I mean the ones who always want you to be a part of their ministry function but they are notoriously absent when it comes to doing something that won't benefit their egos, their ministries, their personal life.

Hmmm- I guess it is just the flesh.

Brennan Manning writes, " The surest sign of union with the crucified Christ is our forgiveness of those who have perpetrated injustices against us." OUCH!

Okay- I forgive them.... but IAM STILL ANNOYED!


MO said...

Ouch! God keep us humble, sacrificing, serving others, and our eyes fixed firmly on You!

rgeorge61 said...

Life is hard and then you die. I think we sometimes do things just to do things and this will never work. A real leader will lead by example. The more I study I find it is all about obedience which has only taken me 45 years to learn. There is a job to do, we do it and get ready for the next one.