Friday, October 19, 2012

Dealing with Tough Times

Okay, so the stuff hit the fan. Times are tough. You need to hear this- "Tough times don't last, tough people do." Go ahead say it out loud. It's not's true. Here are three steps that will help you through the tough times.

1. Deal with the things that can be changed.
     Some things that we go through can be changed. You can adjust to the downsize. You can pick up a part time job until the right full time one comes along. You can find a way to change the circumstances. It may require schooling, training, and sacrifice. Granted you probably don't want to go back to school, or to self train on IT infrastructure, and no body likes to sacrifice. But you can deal with it.
     Changing the things that challenge you is a expression of your power as a person. God will give you the wherewithal to overcome the obstacles you face if you will seek Him and listen. Don't use precious prayer time to moan, grumble and complain about your disappointment. Suck it up and think through the issue in the presence of God and you will find a way to change that which is your challenge.

2. Deal with the things that can't be changed (by you).
     Not everything can be changed. You don't have control over the national economy, or the price of gas, or bring rain in a drought. Discerning what is change-able is the first step. When you are left with these things that cannot be changed you will have to do one of the following;
                  Find a Work Around- If there is a way to circumvent the issue, take it.
                  Accept the Reality- It doesn't have to be something that haunts your every waking moment
                  Change your Thinking- Changing the way we think is a part of the act of growing. If it can't  change then you must. That starts with you way of thinking about the circumstance.

Remember, God can change things. Pray, without obsessing, about the situation. Be mindful that often when we pray for God to change things, we are one of the things that gets changed!

3. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
     The world, your family, your coworkers are all looking for someone to step up and lead. Panic is for the weak. Rise up and make the adjustments and move forward. Others will follow your way out of the darkness and you will find a purpose in having a great testimony to share of God's provision of the exodus! Anyone can complain. Anyone can wallow in self pity. Anyone can bemoan the facts of tough times. But few will seize the moment to make a difference.

Tough Times don't last, Tough People do.