Friday, December 07, 2007

TV Preachers Marginalized?

AP reports that Gov. Mike Huckabee is in second place in the GOP race. Now in the interest of full disclosure, "I like Mike"- I am a supporter of the governors pursuit of presidential office. But I am most encouraged by this news today because it shows that TV preachers and their foolish endorsements of candidates based upon "electability" rather than the candidates moral and ethical stances, are beginning to see their bases erode. Now I am convinced that the people of God have a holy right and obligation to seek to influence their society for good: and that includes the possibility of holding elected office (though it certainly isn't the only way to influence our society). But to sell out our beliefs on the right to life or the sanctity of marriage so that we can imagine ourselves as influential is mere stupidity!

America is a better place if we preachers hold to our ethical standards- first in our own lives, and second, in the lives of those who we endorse for public office. When a clear and powerful moral voice is lifted before America- how can those evangelical leaders justify ignoring it and endorsing candidates that have flip-flopped on the most important issues of our time? How can anyone believe that a corrupt culture that existed under one candidate is likely to be a single event in their lives. Rather, I would celebrate the demise of influence of the celebrity preachers and the loosening of the hypnotic grip held on Christians. People of faith should make their decisions based upon the issues and the moral and ethical stands of the candidates. If that makes us winners- praise to God. If it makes us losers in the elective process- then God help us all. But at least we can live with our conscience.

Who knows though, if the TV preachers lose influence, then our faith might be more about serving the hurting than getting rich; blessing others than being blessed; spiritual power rather than political clout. Hmmm- almost sounds like God might have a vested interest in humbling us...

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