Monday, January 28, 2008

Open Letter to Larry Suffredin

Mr. Suffredin,

Are you really desiring to end gun violence or are you just making a political stunt in your bid for States attorney? Your ill-designed legislation will do nothing to curb gun violence in cook county and will make law abiding citizens like myself criminals. And it will leave citizens of cook county helpless to defend themselves and deprive them of their second ammendment rights. Perhaps you should do something to really address the issue – by enforcing the laws that are already on the books. (This may require your abandoning your lobbying for the gambling interests in Illinois- MGM and Penn National Gaming)

I could be that you would learn some things from the countries that have already decided to take guns from law abiding citizens. Is there any evidence from these countries that would support your assertions that closing down gun shops in Cook Count would limit criminal behavior? Please let me know if you find some in your favor… to my knowledge the evidence leads the other direction.

I am personally offended that you would lump legal gun owners, hunters and target shooters, with criminals. People who have the clear inability to discern truth from fantastic fictions of the gun grabbers do not demonstrate the intellectual acuity to be reelected. I will contributing as much cash as I can muster to defeat you politically.

Thanks for showing your true colors,

Rev. David Tinberg

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