Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Go?

So you think I am crazy! Every year I take my boys fishing with their uncle and cousin and we "enjoy" the arduous workout of paddling a canoe for some 20-30 miles to camp on some mosquito infested island. It is hard work. This years trip was more arduous than most. We traveled between 45-50 miles round trip. We went through bogs that were deeper than our waistes, we climbed hills (Heart attack Hill!)for what seemed like hours, we portaged an 80 pound canoe over a mile on one portage, we descended down slopes that scared me without a pack on my back, and we got cold, wet, and rained on. The mosquitoes are worse than in the Costa Rican rainforest. The black flies were flying into our eyes and mouths all day long. Fun, eh!

At 50, I am personally challenged by the outdoors. It stands challenging me to persevere, to overcome, and to rise to the occassion.In that way, it is like life. Life has significant challenges that cause many to shrink back in fear. I have friends that turned back in fear at various moments of their lives- failed to pursue the goal of meeting the challenges. To me, to turn back in fear or to fail to meet the challenges is like dying. If life is a challenge- death is failing to meet it. And I ain't dead yet!

True enough, I am more tired when I return from those kinds of vacations. It takes a little recuperating time. But if you notice there is a smile on my face. It is satisfying to face the obstacles and come out on top. Tired yes- but more alive than ever before... Inspite of the fact that I have to eat my own cooking!

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