Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Too bad Jon felt the need to continually talk over his guest. Huckabee had a point to make but Stewart kept moving the goal post. Stewart is obviously is smart enough to locate those answers himself so we are left to assume he is either pandering to his audience or has a driving agenda of his own. If he wanted to know why gay marriage is objectionable to so many then he should take the discussion on the merits of the answers given, rather than interrupt his guest.

Marriage has always (not just within the Judeo-Christian tradition) been between a man and a woman. we are talking about from the moment of creation (or from the first day out of the evolutionary soup- if you are an evolutionist). While the interrelational dynamics have changed (ie., chattel to equal) that doesn't change the foundational elements of marriage (male and female). Marriage was and is primarily for child-rearing- hence, Stewarts argument for polygamy actually re-enforces the argument that homosexual relationships cannot be "marriage" per se. (Polygamy was specifically for the development of offspring in ancicent cultures.) To say that changing the fundamental elements of marriage is "evolution" of marriage is as silly as saying that Sodium Chloride (salt) can have one of the elements changed and still remain the same. It simply cannot.

His diatribe on which is more of a choice religion or homosexuality is cute... but without merit in that there has yet to be any evidence presented that demonstrates conclusively that homosexuality is genetic. But Jon won't be bothered with facts...We are left to Jon's observations from his vast experience with homosexuals in NY. The issue isn't one of choice but biology. I agree with Huckabee that homosexuals who choose to live that lifestyle should be afforded the protections of freedom guaranteed in the constitution. And I think that civil unions may be the best avenue for the homosexuals to achieve their equality. But there needn't be any redefining of the term marriage. After all, what else would we redefine to 'include' gays?

Same sex marriage destroyed the idea of marriage in Scandinavia. I remember reading that a study in Denmark showed that those gays legally married there had an average of 10 partners outside of their marriage each year. This kind of instability is more like Britney and Kevin than Stewart wants to admit.

In the end it is not "semantics" or definitions of marriage but biology that keep homosexuals from procreating. All the side stepping around the issue will not change that. Marriage isn't a right given by the government, it is a recognition of a biological coupling that is the foundation of a family that is determined by nature. A fact that won't be tampered with.

Christ died for all men. Redemption begins with a choice- choose to follow Jesus. For me it meant to stop thieving, sleeping around, and doing drugs and follow Him; for others it involves laying down their sinful life- no matter how 'natural' it feels. may God give you the grace to make the right choice.

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