Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daley's Failed Gun Policy

Only a ideological moron like Chicago's Mayor Daley would fail to recognize the abject failure of his gun policy. It has been illegal to have any kind of gun in Chicago for an awfully long time. Those of us without ideological blinders on can't help but notice the gun violence in our streets everyday. The Mayor, protected by his contingent of armed security, can stand before microphones and spout his rhetorical objections against the idea of guns on the streets of the city. Unfortunately, illegal guns fill the streets. The only ones without protection in our homes are the law abiding citizens who are left to defend themselves with kitchen knives when the gang bangers and thieves come to call on us.

Perhaps it is time for Americans to arm themselves if they feel it necesary and let the criminals guess whether they will take a .40 caliber round in their chest for breaking into this home or not. But as late as yesterday Daley continued his insanity of desiring to clamp down on the gun laws (could they be any stricter?- you can't even have a bb gun shipped to a Chicago address!). Blaming America's "love affair with guns"- he was unable to see that, as the violence continues, his policy of blaming the gun rather than the shooter has back fired on the people of Chicago.

So maybe the City of Chicago will wise up and dump this guy for a new mayor who will go after the real problem... criminals.

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