Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vision of the Dolls

I was praying the today and in my time of prayer the Lord showed me a group of plastic dolls. One by one the heads of those dolls kept popping off and fell to the floor. They rolled away, or at least some did, some stayed at the feet of those mannequin-like dolls in the vision. I watched in horror as the heads fell to the ground. Then the Lord showed me that these were leaders in ministries. One after another falling and leaving a headless mannequin behind. My heart was so concerned for the headless bodies, anxious and trembling. When I questioned the Lord he told me that they were not real bodies but fake.
The time of Christian leaders falling is, apparently, not over. Many are about to fall and this will cause a great time of anxiety and shaking in the church. Some leaders will remain around and others will fade away into lives of sin but I didn’t see any rising back to leadership. The gatherings of people around those leaders were plastic and false. They were not in reality the true Body of the Lord but false representations of the genuine body of the Lord. They were without transparency and without earnest prayer; they were without accountability and without a genuine human touch; they smacked of corporate and marketed productions rather than spirit moved fellowships. They were stiff and rigid and could not bend or truly accomplish what God had intended.

The call is to the church to stop reimagining itself but rather re-identify itself with the Savior. The shaking that is coming, the meltdown that is coming should provoke the church toward the ideal of godliness and truth- toward the Lord’s pure body. We must repent of the byproducts of our loosely held faith and embrace with all our hearts the will of the Lord. We should not be shaken as the Lord continues his cleansing work in the body of Christ.

God forgive us for lifeless gatherings; forgive us for shallow commitment to your ways, and forgive our willful determination to do things our ways. Restore the spirit of prayer in the church- take away the violent spirit that is assailing the church- undermining the witness of your saints. Restore a love for the world and replace the love of self that has so consumed the church. Forgive our sin, Restore our hearts, Regather your church around your Word. In Jesus name. Amen.


Tina said...

I hear you pastor and thank you for sharing the vision God gave you. I will examine my walk with God and pray I am right with him.

Maria Ayala said...

After reading your blog I opened up my bible and asked God to give me something. I turned to Daniel and read in 5:25. Mene Mene Tekel Parsin. Numbered are the days for false representation. We all need to examine our hearts. I pray that I am left in right standing.