Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Grand thing about Grandsons

Last night we went to a restaurant that usually has enough distractions to keep my gluttonous mind occupied. We had family members there and were celebrating a birthday. Food was great and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. We laughed and enjoyed each others company. Generally, a great evening.

There was one family member who was a great distraction, though. It wasn't because he is too big - he is only 7 pounds. It wasn't because he was loud because he slept though out the dinner. It wasn't because of his health challenges- there are no symptoms of those yet. It was because he is so cute!

We sit around the table and pass him along like he is a rugby ball. Amazingly, he remains asleep for the full trip around the family table. Occassionally, he opens an eye or two to squint at the new "full back" who has taken the hand off.

I know that there will be times when he really is loud and probably will cause a different kind of scene in the restaurants but these days he just sits sending out the "vibe" and disturbing the wait staff around us with his cuteness. It is pretty cool.

When my wife and I had our children we were separated from the grandparents by many miles and, therefore, they only saw them on holidays when we would make the trip north. I have regrets about that because the really grand thing about being a grand parent is being included in the family. I am sure that mom and dad can handle my grandson without my help. They are very capable individuals. But sitting at the round table and getting the occassional hand off is all I need these days. It is really "grand"!

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