Friday, May 20, 2011

Camping Misses the Call

Well, it has happened again. Another person who, though he evidently can read what the scripture clearly says about setting dates for the Lord's return, thinks he knows better. Hmmm- maybe he is just stupid! Yeah that is it, he is a dingbat! Except the rest of the world now thinks that we are the same kind of dingbat!

Coworkers will now raise one eyebrow and ask "Doesn't your church believe in the return of Jesus?" "Yes but..." you will fain to explain the difference as you drop your eyes to the floor and shuffle your uneasy feet. This is the same thing that happens when anyone violates the clear command of scripture. Jesus taught in Matthew 24.36 that "...of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." NASB. But the dingbat always thinks he is above the restrictions of scripture, and even when the members of the Trinity aren't sharing the information there is always some dude who thinks he made the cut and Jesus is left without the knowledge.

Here is a little Biblical instruction for dingbats and future dingbats- the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus... it is impossible for him to tell you when he is coming back because (as Mt 24.36 clearly says) he doesn't know!!!!

There are lots of people who think that they have the right to circumvent the clear teaching of scripture by walking according to their own thinking. Camping's 'Prophecy' is a glaring hindrance to witness for the king and will sting the church and stifle the witness of the local church and the individuals in those communities (Thanks alot Harold!)But what about those that hold bitterness, get drunk, sleep around, etc. Aren't they ignoring the clear teaching of the Word too? So I guess they are hindrances on a smaller scale.

So - my advice- read and obey the Word of God to the best of your ability. Don't be a dingbat!

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