Friday, July 13, 2012

The Fellowship of Shamed

Dear friend,

What happened? I saw you the other day and your eyes darted away from mine in shame. You have separated yourself from people who care about you (however imperfectly) and find yourself cut off from God, his people, and most tragically his grace. You have joined the fellowship of the shamed.

It probably started with a compromise, it almost always does. Maybe you felt slighted, hurt or wounded and you could justify your compromise with sin. Now, many small compromises later you are walking in shame. Your friends and family members are concerned. They see your anger and your sin because you have changed. You probably don't think you have, but it is true. I was looking through a stack of photos and found a picture of you when you walked with the "unashamed". You had that radiant joy! You had such a beautiful hope and sense of promise.

I am praying that God will bring you back. Restoration is preferable to destruction. And make no mistake, destruction is on the horizon. That is the way it is when we walk away from truth. Please, please consider your life...the step back is hard, I know. But it is altogether simple. Repent. Earnestly ask for God's forgiveness. He can restore the broken. A bruised reed he will not break.

I write this not to further shame have enough of that already. I write to remind you of the way back home to Father's house.

We miss you,


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