Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Often the church calendar goes by at a ferocious pace. But this next week is our Spiritual Emphasis time. It is a time of stepping aside, slowing down, and seeking The Lord. We will be having Wes Davenbaugh with us. Wes' emphasis will be on focusing our hearts on the Holy Spirit's presence. With all the challenges and struggles we face, with the busyness of our schedules and the frantic pace of life we need to Spirit of God to face the nearly impossible task of living victorious for Jesus.

The victorious life isn't one without bumps or storms. Everyone faces those things. But the life of victory manages to face down these obstacles with a deep faith that keeps us from having a freak out moment! So slow down and come out this next week. Prioritize your time with the Spirit and gain the inner peace that it takes to live in victory.

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