Friday, August 28, 2015

Loving Your Gay Friends

It's not hard to love somebody, is it? Well, of course it is! Jesus challenged us over and again to love, not because it was easy but because it was right! In fact, Jesus compares those who only love "easy" with the most selfish people of his time... the tax collectors.

Matthew 5.46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?

So as a Christ follower I have to put in the work so that I may love like Jesus. Often this is difficult because I am lazy, ill informed, and selfish. In order for me to love someone I often have to understand what it is like to walk in their "moccasins". I may have to have some frank and uncomfortable conversations with my friends who live a different lifestyle than I. And for many Christians, that is stressful. Nevertheless, it is a gut check for believers. Will you come out of the closet as a follower of Jesus?

Be Loving
When Jesus came to the woman at the well in John 4 he had a situation. First, it is unseemly for He, a man, to be conversing with a woman. Next, she her Samaritan theology is a mess. Thirdly, Her lifestyle of promiscuity is also glaring problem. But Jesus loved her. He loved her with the intention of giving her the truth. He prophesied to her in a way that she brought others back to see Him! Yet he didn't withhold truth.

Is it possible for us speak the truth so compellingly that it will provoke a spiritual curiousity that draws them closer? So often the disciple of Jesus speaks out in angry confrontation rather than love. Perhaps we need to be more dependant upon the gifts of the Holy Spirit to speak with these friends who are living in a fashion that is damaging their soul.
Be Honest
If you are uncomfortable celebrating the homosexual marriage of your friend tell them that in a loving way. Rather than blaming your church for not being progressive enough, tell them what it is that Jesus said that makes you uncomfortable. You don't have to preach, just talk.

"Look friend, I really want the best for you. I think we have been friends long enough that you know I am a follower of Jesus.  But I am so convinced that this is damaging to you that I can't join your celebration. Sorry. I hope you can respect my faith and my decision."

Be Dependent
Be dependent upon the Lord, that is. Too often we are so codependent we cannot imagine disagreeing with another. We live our lives as slaves to other peoples opinions. Disapproval is the ultimate rejection. What if they don't want to be your friends any longer? Get off the cross! Its not about you, right? It is about communicating truth.

Be Busy
This is not the time to delay. This is about eternal destinies. The further down the rabbit hole to hell our friends go the more damaged they become. Likely, they will not snap out of it without some loving truth told. Sure they will have found new friends who agree with them regarding their lifestyle but will you be remembered as a truth speaker?

Love them enough to speak out.

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