Friday, May 19, 2006


It is really rough being a model. Standing straight all the time, mastering the turns, having all that good will for world peace! Good God it is exhausting! As I sit here typing, with my hand on my hip!, I am trying to contemplate why would anyone want to be a model?

In my devotions this am I read 2 Thess 3.9 where Paul says that he made himself a model to be followed. Why does God choose to use broken and fallable human beings as models of godliness? Wasn't Jesus' incarnational life enough? or is it that there needs to be an incarnation into the life of every person who longs to be molded into Christ's image? And if so, why does anyone want to be in ministry? Isn't it just setting yourself up for frustration and failure?

I mean - when was that last time YOU felt up to the task of being a model?


Wally, the Gay One said...
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Jedi PJ said...

I believe God wants us to model holiness because of the same reason Jesus came to the earth. Man can reach man. Why is it that if we live sinfully and tell others about a holy Jesus they don’t believe us? But if we are holy living and tell them about this same Jesus they follow our words. It’s because holiness when modeled by men becomes achievable by men. It doesn’t do us any good to know that {no man will see God without holiness} if we don’t believe we can be holy. So I believe the reason is two, first we need holiness to see our Lord and have our prayers heard. But also we must show the world that it is obtainable and through Jesus men can live a pleasing life to God. As far as ministry I don’t know about you but I didn’t really choose to be in it. I open myself to God’s will and this is where I ended up. Don’t get me wrong I love it. But I often ask myself if I knew everything about ministry that I know now when I first became I believer would I still have become a minister? I still don’t know that answer. I also wonder if I would even be attending a church sometimes. I believe it’s the idea the I can make a difference that keeps me going.

WDJD said...

over the years i have felt unworthy of any type of ministry i have been involved in. recently i stepped up to the call of GOD in my life and I have recently felt this is not working out. i mean, who am i to be modeled after? good grief! sometimes i don't even want to follow the way i act. but as a believer who calls himself a christian, i need to be just that "christ-like" i think GOD has given us the perfect person to model our lives after "JESUS" i can only strive for the prize, stay focused and continue on in ministry. in short i never feel up to the task of being a model, but if i believe, i must go on.

Roger G said...

Being a model is not trying to be a model. If we're lving for God and hopefully we are we are Christians 24/7. Am I a sinner? Of course but when I confess my sins they are gone and I need to learn from that experience. I am a child of the King that created everything we see. Where I walk, he walks and he freaks me out. I cry a lot because I have learned to get close to God. My tears come because it freaks ne out that God talks to my heart so openly and its because I diligently seek him. I diligently seek him because he is a rewarder of those who do so. We are models and we make mistakes but as a body we work together. I used think I had to act a cetain way. I spoke to an ex-gang member and told him he needed to be a punk. He said, "Do you mean being humble"? I said no! I told him to take that same tenacity he had in the gangs and use it fir God. I swear I saw a little light come on in back of his eyes. If someone doesn't like us or our "Model" who cares. If we live for God we can be ourselves, molded into Gods image of who Christ is in all of us. How boring if we all acted exactly alike? When I talk to my daughter I have to get a bit mean because its the only way she understands she needs to listen and obey. I also let her know I love her and if I am wrong I ask her to forgive me. My daughter preached in Nashville for the youth and used me as an example and obviously something sunk in because it was good and it shows she heard what I was saying. God is working in me but I gots a way to go. Maybe another 100 years ir so and I'll get there.