Monday, May 29, 2006

Summer in the City

Went for a drive into the City of Chicago this morning. The Sun was shining along the lakefront and the beauty of the city was just radiant. As I drove north from the museum I found myself thankful for the proximity of the museums, the embedded culture in the city, the art galleries and the beach and the many other things that create the city ambiance. I suppose that there are better places but I love Chicago.

Alongside all the amenities are the people. They are walking their dogs, running along the lakefront, riding bikes, eating at restaurants, and attending shows. So many of them need spiritual help. They are seeking satisfaction but often from the wrong source. Who knows what kind of hurt and pain they are experiencing or what kind of inner struggles they are masking with their exteriors.

How do we reach them? Preoccupied with their externals, having disguarded Christianity as ineffective and unproductive (primarily because it was untried!) they are facing a Christless eternity. Each person MUST be the kind of person who shares his faith with his friends and acquaintences this summer if we are to reach the city.

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Roger G said...

I went to the Cicero Home Depot for training when it was cold out and there were a bunch of mexicans waiting in the parking lot who ran up to my van wanting me to hire them. After parking I sat there and thought about how if I brought them coffee in the morning it would be a great ministry. When we went to the Church at 55th and State I helped out by setting up the amps and sound stuff. While I was on satge there was a strong smell of urine and this might sound strange but it smelled sweet to me. I sometimes have to yell at myself to remind me about the reality of this life. It won't last but everything I do will one day be revealed and God will see past all the phoniness. If we don't see life with a heart of comassion we have nothing to live for.