Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Global Dim Wits

The World is getting dimmer! That is what we are being sold... er, told! ( ) Any one talking to an environmentalist these days will tell you that is the case! Supposedly the garbage that we spew into the atmosphere is protecting us from the "real effects" of global warming. So we are being naively seduced into thinking that the planet is not ready for a meltdown of all the artic caps. Come on?!

I can't get over the hysteria that these green freaks have to tout. They are always on the edge of extinction! Al Gore's latest movie gets a scathing review in the Canadian Free Press. Questioning the science- indeed, calling it junk science!- and presenting fairly logical opposing views. If the world was ever really in danger we would never be able to tell because the reactionary junk-science community has cried wolf too many times.

Funny how they used to make fun of the evangelicals saying "The End is Near!"

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