Saturday, September 23, 2006

Serious Servants

Why don't people want to serve in the local church? It seems to be a pretty big problem, from the pastors I talk to. The ones that do work always seem like they are doing double duty. What is with that? I have spent the last 20 years or so collecting excuses. Some are mere excuses, others are a reflection in the way we think.

I'M REALLY BUSY LATELY. People often say that because they think it lets them off the hook. But in reality it often points out the everything else takes priority over obedience to the Lord.

THE LORD DIDN'T SPEAK TO ME ABOUT THAT PARTICULAR MINISTRY. I completely agree that we should be submissive to the leading of the Lord. But there are verses written in the Scripture that make it pretty clear we are supposed to be reaching out, extending the love of God, and helping those in need. Sometime I find folks who, in effect, declare the written Word of God is not enough- they are demanding a sign or a "rhema word" or some subjective feeling regarding the specific way.

I AM GOING TO PRAY ABOUT IT. But they don't. They often have no intent to. They don't want to ask God because it would cramp their style.

I NEED TO GET MINISTERED TO. This is the ridiculous thinking that we can only receive when we are sitting in the sanctuary hearing the word. Giving, serving is an amazing growth opportunity.

THAT MINISTRY? OH GOD WOULDN'T PUT A PERSON WITH MY TALENT IN THAT PLACE. The thinking is that the "lime light ministries" are more deserving of my talent.

Too often the local church limps along while people who could strengthen it, don't. If God has called them- how can they fail to respond? Often these are the same people who recieved so much help from the church! Is it selfish? I look at my life- I have worked the nursery, taught sunday school for nearly every age child, cleaned the church, repaired things, moved people, fed the homeless, etc. In everything that I have done- I have become a better Christian believer and a more mature person. Perhaps the problem is that they were never serious about being servants of Christ- period.

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MO said...

How do those who do, not judge those who don't do? Are we in sin for even being irritated that so many do so little? God give me the ability to love unconditionally and the wisdom to constantly run to the One Who helps me!