Thursday, August 31, 2006

20 ways Assembly of God Pastors can avoid Church Planting

Though this list is not original with me it speaks volumes to the issue.!

1. Call yourself an apostle. Have some business cards printed. Hand them around.
2. Throw lots of money at subsidizing unhealthy, declining churches.
3. Throw money at “experimental missional initiatives” and never evaluate their effectiveness.
4. Set goals for multiplying new churches but don’t make it clear who is responsible to accomplish the goals.
5. Make someone responsible but don’t give them any real authority, discretionary time, or funding. Change the appointment every two years. After ten years, save money by retiring the position and making everyone else responsible.
6. Appoint a committee to undertake a study and write a report. Wait three years then do it again.
7. Hire a consultant to undertake a study and write a report. Wait three years then do it again.
8. Appoint the wrong people to plant churches. When they fail conclude that church planting doesn’t work.
9. When you see a healthy church plant say, “Yes it’s growing but it’s not really a (choose one) Reformed/Baptist/Assemblies of God/Presbyterian/Methodist/New Vine/etc. church.”
10. Require pioneering leaders to be theologically trained before they can plant a church.
11. Throw your best leaders at your biggest problems, not at your greatest opportunities.
12. Watch pioneering leaders exit your movement and then comment on their lack of commitment.
13. Reward pioneering leaders with promotions. Get them away from the front line. Harness their drive to keep the institutional wheels turning.
14. In the 1960’s change the word “missions” to “mission.” To usher in the new millennium change “mission” to “missional.” Around 2010 plan to change “missional” to “postmissional.”
15. Agree to plant new churches when: (a) You’re large enough (b) You’re healthy enough (c) You have the leaders to give away (d) You have the money to spare (e) God has clearly shown you it’s time (f) When the cow jumps over the moon.
16. Run workshops on church planting. Hold conferences on church planting. Offer a course at your theological college on church planting. Do nothing to follow up with the people who show an interest. Make sure only experts get to teach. Keep the practitioners away from the students. Keep the students in the classroom.
17. Grow your church, facilities, staff, and budget as BIG as you can. Let your vision stop at your car park. Let church history end with you. Let the Kingdom dream die.
18. Set ridiculous but catchy sounding goals like “500 in 5 years,” or “2,000 by 2,000.” Three years after the target date expires set new goals. Don’t forget to change the dates!
19. Modernize your theology, then postmodernize your theology. Remove evangelism and church planting from the centre of God’s mission in the world. When decline hits make sure the paid professionals are the last to feel the pinch.
20. Lastly, set up a blog on church planting. Link to other bloggers on church planting. Be sure they link to you. Add smoke and mirrors.

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Roger G said...

If it looks like crap and smells like crap it may be crap. Until we commit fully to Jesus we will do nothing useful for God. We will talk about things that have nothing to do with God and feel like we're really moving forward in God. We will do things in the name of the Lord and never pray about it. We will try to lead minstries and churches and never consult the only one who can make a difference. We will be more consumed by our titles than what we can do for Christ. We major on the minor so when something big comes along we are devastated. We complain about everything and never seek God. We talk about reaching out and walk right past those right in front of us. We make judgements on people who need help and condemn them instead of praying for them. We judge others to make ourselves look better. We don't consider others above ourselves and what the heck, who cares about others anyway because its every man for himself. We wash our hands and don't think about those who would weep at having clean water pumped right to their home. We call what we do ministry and minister to no one except our own needs and ego. We work at Church on work day and 90% of the time never mention Christ but act more like the world than the world does. Is there hope? Of course but until we get our eyes off ourselves we will never accomplish anything that has lasting value.