Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Evil- happens all the time

A friend's car got broken into today. She seemed violated in the worst way. To know that her things were rifled through, that some creep sat in her front seat and jerked out her stereo, and to know that the window he broke may just cost more than the things that he stole is a bit overwhelming. She is left to try to rebuild this little corner of her life. The gapping hole in the dash will be a reminder for a little while that evil happens all the time. Even to nice people.

Of course, there are much greater evils in the world. Huntas starving people who need food while feasting on the best themselves. Nations dying of AIDS. Great abuse at the hands of people who are supposed to be loving. Evil marches on.

There is something inside of me that gets so frustrated at evil and injustice. I think it wouldn't take much to push me over to vigilantism. But I also recognize that there will never be a complete dealing with evil by mankind. We are overwhelmed by it. It is simply too pervasive, too powerful, too personal- it is impossible to overcome as a society. That is another reason we need a Savior to return from heaven and bring divine justice.

But I will plead for mercy until then. For I know that I was a thief; I stole and broke things that were not mine; and I still wrestle with evil. God be merciful to me, a sinner! I can personally overcome evil with good in my life- so I will probably help her rebuild her life. My hope for justice isn't wrapped up in the election cycle or the court system or even the newspapers freedom to expose the prominence of the need for change. My hope comes from the heaven- it is in the Lord my King.

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Tina said...

Here, here, your not alone.