Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why most Christians don't do much for the Lord

Compromise. There it is. That is the secret to no success. When Christians compromise in areas of their devotion to God, their morality, their acceptance of sin, and their lifestyle they become unuseable to God. Sad.

I know the temptation is to embellish this with more writing but really, do we need to? I see Christians fall prey to the sexual mores of the world around us and they are moved to the sideline like a star running back with a broken ankle. They cannot help the team; they cannot move the ball forward. Sadly, star ball players recognize more readily their contribution (or lack thereof) than the saints do.

And we could talk as well about the party spirit, the materialism, the tongue waggin' that goes on in the compromised lives of believers. They are all destructive.

Know that when we mess up God may or may not get his will done on the earth- but YOU LOSE. You miss the blessing of being a tool in his hand, an impliment of healing, a catalyst for change. And that costs the body of Christ as well as you.

However, even the most meager steps to live a life of earnest devotion to Christ can be blessed by God. Which puts you under "the spout" where the blessings come out. You get blessed, the body of Christ is strengthened, and people in the world can finally find a legitimate example of real life Christianity. And they desperately need the witness. What do you think?


Sokoltom said...

Very good. I think too many Christians miss out on the blessings that God has for us. Then there are those that are so arrogant that they believe that if they don't do God's work His will will not be accomplished. I don't think that God is dependant on us to accomplish His will, thank God. But if we miss an chance to do what God wants us to do, then we miss out on the shared blessings. It also brings us to a closer relationship with God when we do His work.

rcovaliu said...

You recently spoke about being used by God and i never thought of that until these past 2 months..I've been praying and telling God that i want to be used by him but then when it comes time to be used i always find that things come up that forces me to choose God or the other. Sometimes i compromise because its looks better in the short term. Why do i find it easier to compromise with these things when i already know that things are always better in the end if i just do what God wants me to do?