Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Christians need to vote

I happen to be a sort of political junkie. But I am surprised by the number of chrisitans who are frustrated with empty promises of the candidates this year and are planning on staying home from the polls.

The way I read the scripture- Christians really are required to vote. It is a part of their stewardship of the earth. Of course, we don't just pull a partisan lever. We are supposed to be engaged and informed and base our vote upon the Scriptures.
Since the governments job is to bring justice and protection (Rom 13) we ought to try to elect those that will do that kind of a job AND dump those that aren't doing that before they do more damage.

I think it is a bad idea to vote for somebody just because they are a christian too. Politicians can be pretty flippant with religion at the time of election. Martin Luther famously said he would rather be ruled by a competent Turk—that is, a Muslim—than an incompetent Christian.

God has his own agenda. It includes the poor and the unborn but it also is concerned with the excesses of greed and corruption. Our national security is crucial to the missionary efforts- Paul told us to pray that we might live in peace with all men so that the gospel woudl go forth. obviously, we are more than automotons that are programed to vote a certain way. I think that there are moral issues at stake in this election and they need to be weighed against the other issues. Good christians will disagree on who to vote for but we need to be the city set on the hill. President Reagan quoted that regarding the US- but it is the church that must have the influence and preservative affects on our government. We must be "salt" and "light" if we are to fulfill the call of God for us.

When your deciding who to vote for- ask yourself who this man or woman serves? Are they bought and paid for by special interest groups, or are they seeking the best for all americans? Are they spouting rhetoric or are their plans practical? Will they enable a strong nation? Will they enable the nation to rebuild it's economy so that we have a strong nation? What role do they feel that government has- are they the fixers or the facilitaters?

Whoever wins- you will be required to pray for for the next 4 years. The scripture asks that men everywhere lift up holy hands and pray for those in authority. So make your choice well. But make a choice.

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