Monday, January 04, 2010

Scared...are You?

Are you scared? I am getting there. The recent terrorist attempt to blow up a plane with Americans flying in from Yemen has me a bit tweaked. Seems that we can't determine that a single Muslim man with no luggage and who is buying a one way ticket to the US should make some red flags go up. Further, it is bothersome that his name was actually known - he had been turned in by his father! This is now the second terrorist attack under the present administration. It seems to me that there simply isn't the war-time mentality that should be there in the security sector. Sympathy for the terrorist, but not for you and I. Concern about the rights of everyone except the honest and hardworking tax payers in our society.

The whole global warming thing seems to have been bolstered by bad science. At least that is what we are finding out as we read the emails from the creators of the famous "hockey stick" graph. Seems that this was all a sales job from the panic mongers.

I get a bit scared, too, when I see how our culture has fallen prey to the freakish and weird. A short look at the news or the news paper these days shows how our societal standards have fallen. Things once eschewed are now embraced publicly, and proudly and the next generation is growing up with the leftovers of relativism and nihilism. Basically, nothing has any intrinsic meaning, anything goes because nothing matters, and the worth of something or someone is based strictly in the utilitarian view of them. This undermines every institution in our land. Without a sense of right and wrong, without a clear understanding of human worth and honor, without a view of having to answer for our actions against another we stand at the brink of collapse.

This administration is seeking to set in place what seems to many (most) a foolish expenditure. This health care debacle is sending us down a horrible path. Already the Mayo Clinic is refusing to take Medicare payments because the payout is so low. Soon we will see the outworking of this failed policy that no one knows how to fund. So our taxes will skyrocket. Those who are not working will not be encouraged to work, those who live in reckless debt will not be rebuked, but the workers- those who work and pay taxes- will bear this burden too. Sunday's tribune had an article on the 2010 tax revolt that is brewing in the US. What will happen if people simply refuse to pay their taxes? What would happen if on April 15Th no envelopes came into the IRS? None. The Obama mantra of "Splurge. Borrow. Repeat" would stumble and sputter. Then what?

Anarchy? Chaos? Violence in the streets? like I said... it is getting scary.


BAD BLOG said...

I found a good quote from my buddy Bob Dylan(well he's on my prayer list). "They said your a prophet-I said no I'm not- they said yes you are- I said no I'm not- they said you are your a prophet- I said okay Jesus is Lord!- they said your not a prophet....

Seeker Generation said...

Yeah, I'm scared. It's all been predicted in the scriptures and we're seeing it in our lifetime (the rampant corruption and immorality, the greed, the inhumanity, the false prophets, the lawlessness, etc.) But then there's that great promise, "But he who endures to the end will be saved." (Matt 24:13) Hope we've prepared our hearts to leave mother, father, son, and daughter to take up our crosses and follow after Him. If not, we are not worthy of Him and that's the scariest thing of all!!