Monday, January 18, 2010

The Importance of Worship

What sets your life apart from that of your co-workers and friends? If you are a worshipper of God it is probably what you did first thing in the morning. Believers usually develop the habit of starting their day with worship early in their walk in the Spirit... my time of worship usually begins in the shower (a great place to sing praise to God). Soggy but sincere!

Adoration, thanksgiving, praise, worship- all are nuances of the same act. To praise God is to thank him for what he has done, to adore him is to express love, to give thanks is to demonstrate appreciation, to worship is to declare the high worth of the One who is over all. Each of these are empowering to us personally. We are unlikely to give a second gift to a person who does not seem appreciative of the first gift we have given them. In the same way, our praise and thanksgiving is an invitation to keep giving to us. Does that sound selfish? Well, it isn't! It is a recognition that we are completely dependant upon the God of the Universe for all that we are! 'Without Him, we can do nothing', the scripture assures us.

Christening our day with praise is defining for us the purpose of the day. We are to live to bring honor and glory to King Jesus by the way that we live our lives. Who else is worthy of being honored with our "unceasing" attention (1 Thess 5.17). Whatever we put our hands to, whatever direction our labors take us, they are to bring glory to Him (Col 3.17).

Yet often I know that Christians fail to begin their day properly. It stands to reason that no believer can give the whole day who does not give the first fruits of their day to the King! What could be more defining and shaping than lifting up the Name of the Savior. This habit of surrendering the rest of the day will reap the blessing of God. It will shape our decisions and our attitudes. It will correct our tendencies to lean on the flesh for decisions, and to adopt fleshly attitudes throughout the day, and it will set the enemy on his heels first thing in the morning.

Jesus taught that each day has enough trouble for itself. Trouble can find its way into any day, but the day that begins in praise and adoration consistently makes the declaration... Jesus is Lord and as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

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