Thursday, March 04, 2010

Daley Ridicules Supreme Court

This week Mayor Daley ridiculed the nations highest court's decisions regarding guns ownership. “Why can’t I go to the Supreme Court and sit there with a gun and listen to the arguments? If a gun is so important to us on the street or someone’s home, why can’t I go to the Supreme Court and sit there with a gun? I’m not gonna shoot anyone. But, I have a right to that gun,” Daley said. What an stupid thing for a public official to say! There is a bit of a difference between carrying a gun in to a public environment and being allowed to have one in your home.

Well, Mr. Mayor, the city of Chicago has banned hand guns long ago, how's that working for ya? Is there a dearth of murders in Chicago? Have you seen the end of street violence? Can you guarantee the safety of the citizens of Chicago? Well, of course not. And that is the problem. You have outlawed the ability for a private citizen to guarantee for himself what you are unable and unwilling to do.

But let's take Daley's ridiculous argument on. There are some people who are allowed to carry guns into courtrooms... they do it all the time. They are the police. Evidently, it isn't the gun that is dangerous- it is the mindset of criminal behavior. So, Mayor D you just want your people to have guns... and the rest of us are just potential victims for the criminals, right?

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