Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Living DD in a Starbys World

If you have been to Christian Life Center, you know that it isn't Starbucks. Oh, we have a couple couches and free AC and coffee; but it is definitely not Starbucks. It is more like Dunkin Donuts than Starbucks. You won't be able to have your mocha-frappa- latte. Not that we are against that. I think you should drink whatever caffeinated drink you desire... but just don't expect massive trendiness here, bro. That's not us.

We keep spending money on orphanages and missionaries overseas- so we don't have money to repaint all the trendy colors. We worship in a classic building. By that I mean there isn't much in the way of recessed lighting and snappy ambiance. It smells like... like a church! Old wood, stained glass, candles, and coffee. And the people are sometimes preoccupied with serving and organizing studies and small groups and service projects and food pantries and missions dinners, etc. They are trying to be friendly... but they are working hard. The music, is kind of raw- definitely needs polishing if we were gonna record- but were probably not gonna. We sing, but for the King! (And we won't even mention our dance moves!!!)

But what we have is the real deal. We have worship that connects and sermons that are practical challenges to live a Christ-centered life. People who are genuine- and a little bit broken. We don't aspire to be the place where you come in and get comfortable- in fact, our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will make us all a little uncomfortable. At least too uncomfortable to stay and do so little when the world around us is hurting so badly.

So while Starbucks is all the rage, we are just keeping it real- like DD. Enjoy!

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