Friday, August 26, 2011

Handling Disagreements

So how do you handle disagreements among the brethren?

Keep things in perspective - A variety of opinions is a welcome diversity that causes all of us to grow. Don't reject someone because they see things differently than you do.

Don't transfer your disagreement - Lack of uniformity can actually testify to our ability to forebear with one another. Especially because of our differences. Don't let your disagreement regarding one thing foster hostility and disagreement in all areas. For instance, I pray with and am friends with some very nice believers that disagree with my position on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I sincerely believe they are wrong, but they are still good people and wonderful friends.

Don't question motives- When you disagree take the argument at face value, and don't speculate about the motivations.

Personal differences aren't sinful-Some issues are informed by a different world view. Perhaps informed by culture, or doctrine. Certain things are clearly taught in scripture others are inferred, still other positions are arrived at because of systematic study. Sin involves a compromise of moral or spiritual guidelines. Remember the saying in the the main things unity, in all things charity.

Don't hestitate to say- "You might be right but I have to follow my understanding of what is right"

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