Saturday, July 15, 2006

PreVacation Vacation

I think we all have faced this before. It is the vacation that your brain takes before your vacation. I know that you want to work hard the week before you leave on vacation but your brain says something in brainese that sounds like "hrmp.. hrmpp... work hard.. hrmp all the time... not any more...hrmp" and that is the end. So you fake it when the boss walks by, shuffling papers from the left side of the desk to the right side... you walk around a lot and hold up your phone to your ear and say things like... GET BACK TO ME ON THAT ASAP!... loud enough for everyone to hear. What is up with that?!

Really the one week vacation is about 13 and a half days if you count the three days before and three days after the vacation. So relax.. your getting more time off than your thought!

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Roger G said...

Whats a vacation? I just got my vacation check from Home Depot and it went straight into the bank. Whats up with that!!!!