Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shut off the !@#$%^ phone

Today I did a funeral/memorial service. It was interrupted by 5 cell phone rings. Come on people! Out of respect for the church service don't you think that there should be a mandated cell phone scrambler in churches? YOU THINK I'M KIDDIN'? believe me if the technology was affordable I'd scramble... your darn right I'd scramble!

But since the technology is not cheap enough for us to afford in the house of the Lord I thought I would publish some cell phone etiquette for the masses of people who are so important that memorializing dead relatives or talking to the King of Creation is merely brushed aside so that JR. could call and tell us that he is leaving the stop and shop and spent money on a slurpy!

Never take a personal mobile call during a business meeting. This includes interviews and meetings with co-workers or subordinates.
Maintain at least a 10-foot zone from anyone while talking.
Never talk in elevators, libraries, museums, restaurants, cemeteries, theaters, dentist or doctor waiting rooms, places of worship, auditoriums or other enclosed public spaces, such as hospital emergency rooms or buses. And don't have any emotional conversations in public — ever.
Don't use loud and annoying ring tones that destroy concentration and eardrums. Grow up!
Never "multi-task" by making calls while shopping, banking, waiting in line or conducting other personal business.
Keep all cellular congress brief and to the point.
Use an earpiece in high-traffic or noisy locations. That lets you hear the amplification, or how loud you sound at the other end, so you can modulate your voice.
Tell callers when you're talking on a mobile, so they can anticipate distractions or disconnections.
Demand "quiet zones" and "phone-free areas" at work and in public venues, like the quiet cars on the Amtrak Metroliner.
Inform everyone in your mobile address book that you've just adopted the new rules for mobile manners. Ask them to do likewise. Please.

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Roger G said...

I have been guilty of leaving my phone on during Church myself and was embarrassed last Wednesday when a call came through loud and clear and everyone around turned to me. I think we should actually have the ushers tell each person as they come in to turn off their cell phones. Normally I turn it to silent bit sometimes forget and wouldn't mind a reminder but then again I should remember myself because I am an adult. What really bothers me when someone is eating lunch with me and starts talking on the cell and as loud as can be and fogets about me. Its very disrespectful to those your eating with and those around you.

Jedi PJ said...

Great title, but I think I have personally witnessed you break all the rules :(

Tina said...

You forgot one Pastor, Leave the phone at home :)

Thanks for the tips. I'll try not to fail but if I do forgive me:D