Friday, August 18, 2006

Hard Drive Crash

Wow- my hard drive crashed and I suddenly realized that I am really dependent upon my computer for ministry. REALLY DEPENDANT! I hate the fact that I am so dependant but think of it. A Blog, Email Newsletters, inter office email, finances, sermon notes, communication with parishoners, we ain't in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

And when the whole thing poops out - it is never convenient. How often is too often to back up your data... Can we live in the realm of paranoia? I guess the most bothersome thing I lost was my 18 page report for a class in my Masters Program. I have a few days to try and retrieve it but pretty much I have given up hope. I did pray. I did lay hands on it. I did throw a rather controlled but meaningful fit. I did give up my belt and shoe laces because I was so distraught. Oh well... we pick ourselves up, dust our drives off, and start all over again

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