Saturday, December 30, 2006

How bad do you want it?

At my age (48) you realize that the preceeding question is the most important one in your life. I want to retire someday comfortably but do I want it bad enough to save money; I want to loose weight but not bad enough to exercise and eat right; etc. How bad do I really want it?

Discipline has never been my strong suite but last year I made a determination to run 3 or 4 times a week a minimum of 1.5 miles each time. And with a few exceptional times of injuries and one week of the flu- I stuck to it. Right now God is pestering my spirit ( know what I mean?) with the thoughts of a renewal stirring. Prophetic gifts have been prophecying since the fire of Brownsville began to die down that there is a new wave coming. I want it.... but how bad?

Most Christians I know are like me in this respect- they want an extraordinary walk with God on a cut rate price. But real sacrifice is called for - demanded, even- if we are going to be in on the extraordinary. Being a radical for Christ demands radical response. What is more radical than spending the first hours of your day seeking God? Or pushing the lastest celebrity news to the back burner while you get some of the Good News in you? Or living a life of love toward strangers around you? This is some crazy stuff here.

So what is it you say you want? Revival? Toronto-type blessings? Renewed fire in your heart? You will have to get off your fat butt and down on your knees: you will have to fast and pray ( you heard right!); you will have to reprioritize your time; you will have to know God and not just about him. Because he is asking you prophetically right now... How bad do you want it?

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