Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's Family that Matters

It doesn't take long into the holiday season for me to get sick and tired of being pushed in the mall lines and have my parking place stolen from underneath me by some ignorant punks. I don't really like the addition of tinsel, and lights on my home in December and the thought of taking it all down, well, that is depressing enough. The wife is fussing with the elaborate meal she prepares each Christmas day and the young people are trying on clothes and new gadgets that were purchased for them.

I am sitting in my chair (at my age you get one of your own!) and petting the dog and thinking about what I like best about Christmas and it is simple... family. Family are the people who tick you off the most and yet, for some reason that I cannot explain, the house sure feels good when it is full of them. Yelling and talking at the top of their lungs ( if there is ever a game show we are sure to win for the loudest family in North America) laughing at the stupidest things (its not really a holiday until somebody has drink shoot out their nose in riotous laughter) and arguing about which one of them dressed up like woverine at age 4!

These kids have put me through the ringer! Each one with there insecurities and weird excentricities. With their problems and their joys, it has been exhausting to keep up with the tears, jeers, and laughter. But I am so glad they come back! I love them so...

So now can they go back to their houses!

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