Sunday, December 10, 2006

More, Please!

The American Psyche is a fragile thing. It is growing increasingly so as the half hearted effort to win in Iraq goes on. We are increasingly hearing the drumbeat of a so-called "unwinnable war" and the call to "bring them home". In my never to be humble estimation this will be tragic to the American psyche. It will effect us in the same way that the Afganistan conflict affected the USSR. If a group of thugs and weakly armed insurgents push the army of the most powerful nation in the world out of Iraq, we had better give up any hope of influence in the world and just brace ourselves for an ongoing series of attacks both here and abroad by maniacal terrorist-types. Please, Mr President, don't back down; don't pull out; don't weaken this nation further.

Instead, muster up 60,000 more troops and put them in the most violent places in Iraq. The numbers combined with the determined resolve to spend whatever it cost to win will beat them. They live in the hope that we are weak, and that we are unwilling to invest whatever it cost to defeat them. They live off of the feeling that a little while longer and Speaker Nancy and her boys (the Nancy Boys!) will bring back our troops and leave them to carp out for themselves a new terrorist training ground. Assessing the strength of the US as unfathomable, and the resolve to win as strong (there are a few of us who desire to see the democratic Iraq succeed), why not raise the ante and increase the troop strengths. Violence will drop (as it has before) and the civil unrest will be quelled.

The problem has always been one of strategy. Rummy wanted to weigh the cost of the warfare and lived too close to the margin of error. Overwhelming force (remember shock and awe) needs to be the continuing tactic. Once these insurgents realize that the US is committed to win beyond word but in the spending of capital and investment of blood they will have to crawl into the woodwork again. This will enable the US to leave with a victory- and will save the face of the US Armed forces in the world.

If not, those men who have fought the hardest, sacrificed the most, paid the dearest, and should be the proudest- will forever hang their head in shame and will hide their old uniforms in the back of the closet. All because we sent them to win a war on the meagerest rations and the slightest margin.

Mr President, please ignore the Iraq Study groups report( it is the lowest common denominator of compromise and pessimism), and send more troops please! Let our boys win.

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rgeorge61 said...

We live in a country with people who talk about things (Peace and ending the war) that they can't and may never understand. Soccer Moms protesting as they run to get their kids to soccer practice. Men belly aching while they sit around the office water cooler. I agree we need to go at it hard and strong because the world is watching. Whether we like it or not the world is hoping for a sign of weakness and waiting to pounce and conquer on us. If you stand up to a bully they usually back down but if you let them intimidate you they will never stop.