Monday, October 29, 2007

In praise of Autumn

There is something amazing about the crispness of the air in the autumn. It congers up memories of walks in the woods, fireside chats, and deer hunting. I am reminded of camping trips from my youth, and hearty meals of stews, chili, and homemade soups. I suppose if we took a vote- autumn would be the second highest voted season. When else is a cup of coffee taste that good. When else is a walk so invigorating than through the cool air of the fall day.

I like letting my car warm up- it sort of paces the day. I like the crispness of the fallen leaves and the way the wind blows and swirls them into piles. I like the fact that the grass and even some flowers are still bright with color as if they are making a last stand against the impending weather change. I like the way my dog, who sat lifeless in the summer sun- now springs alive with the quickening in the air.

I like football and the beginning of hockey season the sounds of the stout and hearty playing pick up games in the park near my house. I like starting a fire in the fireplace and curling up in front of the TV with a blanket to keep the chill off. Who doesn't like flannel pajamas? Who doesn't like Hot Coco ... with marshmellows? And what of cider and the apple harvest and hayrides and on and on. To distain the fall-ness of fall- well, it would be unamerican!

No this autumn is worthy of praise- of admiration- of appreciation! Breath deep of its crisp air!

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