Thursday, October 25, 2007


Parenting is a difficult job. When I think back on it I remember knowing that I was in over my head from the get-go. Fortunately, we had our kids young -and that helped because we were used to staying up all night. I made a lot of mistakes as a father. I spanked the wrong kids, screamed and yelled way to much, I disconnected too often from the family, and was moody often. But I did somethings right too. Among the things I did right were the following.

We ate together every night (even when I ordered pizza on Fridays). This gave us face to face time that ministry and the life of my children couldn't infringe upon.

We celebrated family things alot. B'days, holidays, and special times were guarded so that ministry didn't eclipse them.

I had a date night with my wife most weeks. This put the family in perspective. And, while my kids did their share of demanding things from their folks, the marriage always came before the family.

I was there- for the softball games, the hockey games, the times they wanted to talk.

I tried very hard to keep my promises. I tried to represent Christ to them well-and failed. But at least they know that I am genuine and not fake. What you see is what you get.

There is a lot I would do different. I'd stress a lot less; I'd pray together a little more; I would spend more time reading to them when they were little.

They turned out well. Probably more to their mother's doing that to mine- but I am proud of all my kids. They - each one in their own way- seek to make impact on society. It is a source of pride in the purest sense. Somehow- they found their way to Faith and success.

Thank God! If your in the throes of parenthood- don't give up. It will make a difference to your kids, to the Lord, and to the world we live in.

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