Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Orleans Habitat Trip

Thanks for your prayers. As we went to LA we found a discouragement that was difficult to image. The devastation was so widespread that it was a bit overwhelming. As in the picture above- the black mold was everywhere. The trailer has been occupied for 2 years by some family that can't find a way to afford the fixes for the house. (Actually, in probably needs to be torn down- gutted at minimum) Sadly, families are waiting for funds from insurance companies and the government. But the funds trickle in slowly. Few are working on their homes. Many have abandoned their property. Gangs and violent offenders are making these areas a haven.

We only spent 4 days in NOLA but we worked hard to make life better for a couple families. It is really a drop in the bucket but we hope that it makes a difference.

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