Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Coloring in the Lines

We are taught that in kindergarten and preschool. Lines keep the colors in their places. Lines give the picture distinction. Lines help communicate the vision of the artist. Makes sense to me.

So the Proverbs(22.28) say "Do not move the ancient boundary Which your fathers have set."

Rules are lines. The problem I am addressing today is people's inability to follow rules. Is it just rebellion? People seem to see two classes of people -those that need the rules and then the other class of people- the exceptions (themselves). The height of arogance and pride- that your situation is special. You see see it everywhere. The jerk that endangers the entire highway by driving down the emergency lane 100 miles an hour. The guy who always double parks. The one guy who thinks he alone is trustworthy to eat and drink in the facility. The person in the theater who has the "special privilege" to speak aloud to his neighbor. the lists go on and on.

But rules are to keep peopel safe. Rules are to help communicate priorities. Rules are so that everyone is treated the same. If you are a special case- the rest of us apologize to you! But we need some predictability! WE need to know that we can live together, work together, and YES worship together without someone getting hurt. So we have rules.

Then there are the assumptions that there are perfect rules. You know the ones that fit every situation. But of course, there are no such rules. Rules are general principles that help us live together. They really don't fit every situation but we need you - yes, even you- to abide by them so that we can do those things that we do without danger to others.

Now I hate stupid rules. Berwyn has a tax on pets. Can you believe it? What cost does a dog incure to society? That is a stupid rule. It provokes the rebellious side of me. Is God using the crazy rules of our society to test my ability to deal with my rebellion?

I don't have all the answers- I just know that there needs to be a healthy respect for rules. God help me to honor the lines. What do you think?

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Tina said...

There has to be rules. If there wasn't a need for them, then God wouldn't have made the commandments. How would life be if there was no curfew, street signs, road signs, and speed signs, to name a hand full. Most rules are put in place for Safety reasons. God gave the first rule to Adam and Eve saying not to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. But because eve thought it would BENEFIT her, she didn't listen. She broke the rule and so did adam. They were the first people to be made, why couldn't they have had special previliges? Why couldn't God make an acception them? It was only one rule they broke?
Rules can be hard to live by but we need to be obedient and follow them because we will one day have to face judgement and we wouldn't want to be like adam and eve and try to hide because we broke the rules. I'm not at all perfect in obeying rules and God convicts me when I break the rules set before me. I just believe there is a need for them no matter who you are.