Monday, July 07, 2008

Intercessory Prayer

Looking at the lives of most christians you would define their prayer theology as one that is very passive. By that I mean, that if you were a fly on the wall in most Christian's homes prayer would be an extraordinarily small part of their lives. The theology behind this is insidious. It is a belief that God always gets his way (He doesn't) and that if you don't participate God will find someone else to carry your slack (He won't necessarily). This leaves Christians with an apathetic view of prayer. It is a good and fine thing to do unless... you ahve soemthing else to do.

Scripture, however, defines prayer as very important. It is those who ask who recieve , and those who seek who find, and those who knock who have doors opened. The Greek tenses in these verbs are continual tenses. Ask and keep asking, knock and keep knocking, .. in other words pray and don't give up. This is crucial for the christian and imperative for the prayer warrior. Little happens that is not provoked by prayer. Especially, in the life of those who are estranged from God. If you are praying for an lost friend or loved one- you may be the ONLY link between them and God. This would explain the Enemy's intensity in fighting your prayer life. But don't give up under pressure- instead press on to defeat the enemy and bring men and women into deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Alice Smith is the US Prayer Track coordinator of 2000 AD and she writes the following tips for prayer

When the pressure is on to give up, don't! As believers, we are not to live according to our feelings but according to our spiritual position in Christ. Satan is no match for an intercessor living securely in the following positional truths:

1. YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER. There is no defeat for those who have confidence in the Spirit of God to give them overcoming life. Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13).

2. YOU ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST. There is no lack for those of us who are in Christ (see Col. 2:8-10). But if we view ourselves as lacking, we have defined our experience. Look at yourself from God's point of view, not man's.

3. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN AUTHORITY. We have been given the keys of the kingdom. Is it any wonder then that Satan attempts to provoke us to apathy, discouragement and depression? He simply can't afford to ignore a believer who is exercising her authority in Christ through prayer (see Matt. 16:19; Luke 10:19).

4. YOU HAVE SPIRITUAL WEAPONS. Christ, the Mighty Warrior, has given us not only defensive armor but also offensive weapons (see Eph. 6:11-17; 2 Cor. 10:4). These weapons are spiritual, not earthly, and they have but one purpose: winning spiritual wars!

Yet even the most powerful gun is harmless until someone pulls the trigger. We must be willing to pray until the target is in sight. Then we must continue to pray until the target is destroyed!

It is time for believers to pray. Perhaps like never before! Step up to the high calling.


Tina said...

When you said a fly on the wall, I had to stop and think. ouch! Got to refocus!

rcovaliu said...

I always find myself praying harder and more often when i need something...i know it's wrong in so many ways. And then its unbelievable how soon after i recieve what i've asked for, i forget to pray until the next time i need something. Praying is probably one of my most reoccuring issues. I know I should talk to him like a friend and have a normal conversation with him but then my problem is i begin to repeat myself and soon enough i forget that im still praying. Well here's my challenge i've recently recieved somethings i've asked for in prayer i'm going to try and stay faithful to him because he's been faithful, providing, and so much more to me. Pray for me.