Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Prayer for the President Elect

Gracious Father, we thank you for the priviledge to have a voice in the selection of our leaders in this country. We a re truly blessed with freedom. We are confident that, as the Scripture teaches (Rom 13.1-7), you are in the process of "establishing" this government. Teach your church to submit and support to the governing authorities in our land. May we choose your way over and against the ways of this world.

We pray for the transition of President Obama. We pray that you will protect him and his family. We pray that the office of the President of this United States will be graced with dignity and propriety and that you will strengthen the back of our president to handle the weight of the office.

We pray that you will forgive this nation for aborting its young; for cheapening life's value and for sacrificing the next generation on the altar of convenience. We pray that poor will be remembered and that, more than a hand out they will be given opportunities to work and find the dignity again of employment. We pray for our troops, may they be protected and helped in their duties of protecting and establishing democracy.

This prayer is the first of many that we will pray for our new president and the cabinet he chooses; for the congress and the leadership of this state. Give these men and women YOUR divine guidance- interrupt their sleep with your divine voice; speak to the hearts of our leadership- change those hearts as a water course. We recognize that evil doesn't sleep- and is already stirring against your purposes- make us diligent to pray continually.

We ask that the gospel will go forth without threat and will reach many in these coming years. We humbly pray that you will bless this nation with greatness, and your church with the continued favor from heaven. Amen.

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