Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spirit Filled Worship

What is Spirit filled worship? I mean I think I have my own definition of what it means to worship in a spirit filled church but... what does it mean to you? what does it mean scripturally?

I have enjoyed the moving of the Spirit of God in uptempo songs and celebratory dances at times. But I have also seen the Spirit of God move with candles and responsive reading. There have been moments of dramatic silence in our worship that seem to be spirit driven; and moments where silence was the sign of death.

I know that the song service (yuk - hate that term!) has to be participatory. I remember I was at an E. Free church on vacation one year and they sang a song that we do at CLC- but there was little participation by the congregation- AND it seemed like it was tolerated, not enjoyed.

If your reading this, I'd be interested in hearing your take on the question of what spirit filled worship is- or maybe a story of how it ministered to you at one time.


BNB said...

I have been in a few different churches/services where the worship was spirit filled. In my opinion, when you're in that moment along with others and worshipping the ONE and ONLY - You feel it in your bones - You literally getting that sensation of wanting to jump/cry/scream!! I have too experienced this often at CLC. The one thing I have noticed is that when many people are striving after that same 'relationship', 'comfort' as you the spirit comes in hard - so hard that you can't help but get emotional or extremely filled with JOY, this is where the JUMP/CRY/SCREAM comes into play! The feeling in your bones are so overwhelming.................

There is a service held downtown Chicago called "the boardroom" this is a lunch for your life service - the pastor fulfilling a vision and the attendee are somewhat different then 'home churches' attendees. So often times their worship is spirit filled - i leave there sometimes in aye. (ok most of the time) and I believe that reason for that is due to the fact that all the people there are there to worship the living GOD and because everyone may be at different areas in their walk - the sole purpose is to worship GOD; understanding just how AWESOME our GOD is.

In fact, I have seen the Holy Ghost fall upon people there in ways I couldn't begin to explain but I could say that spirit filled worship has ministered to me - making a deeper desire of wanting more and more of a relationship with the Lord.

PK said...

When I think of Worship...a song that we sing provides for me, the BEST visual of what is taking place in my heart, mind and soul.
Take me past the outer courts, into the Holy place, past the crowds of people...Lord I want to see your face. Spirit filled Worship (whether in the corporate setting or not) to me is getting past the layers of this world, peeling off the layers of worry, concern, busyness and thousands of undone details. It's moving through the crowds of thoughts - to arrive at the place of intimacy. When I'm at that place when it is just the Lord and me, it is indescribable: it's completely intimate, yet open when I'm in the church setting. It's a place where I can stay completely silent or jump up and down and the Spirit moving in others is totally welcomed (it doesn't seem to have boundaries). All that being said...I STILL fail to enter into that intimacy as often as I need. Oh I can come up with a whole list of credible excuses, but alas, why am I still so dull? Thank you Lord for grace.

James Perez said...
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James Perez said...

I think people should be careful thinking that just because you are not emotionally charged, or stricken with a deeply reflective consciousness that you are not close to God or genuinely worshipping. For the same reason why just because your wife does not always give you goose bumps when you embrace her, you are still not one flesh. The state of heart is deeper than the physiological side effects of a well written song, sung in the perfect lighting. The way some people describe spirit filled worship sounds alot like those describing their euphoria at the crowning moment of their favorite sports team, or the grand finale of their favorite secular rock back in concert. I'd hate to think that the Holy Spirit's presence within us is determined by our emotionally heightened services' song selection and lighting crew.

Pastor Dave said...


I couldn't agree more- the emotional aspects of worship do not make it genuine. But... if you are in connection with the everliving God during worship-don't your emotions get a "bump"? Are you saying that you can worship 'in the spirit' without really feeling it in your flesh?