Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Alien Visitation

Imagine if you will that visitors from outer space visit the planet tonight. They land in Chicago and get a hotel room. Curious about this planet and the American culture that they are here to visit they tune into the TV in their hotel room to find out what are the issues that this culture faces. After an evening of cruising the channels they determine that the things that are uppermost on our minds are not the problems of our rotting inner cities, not the debilitating pace of life, nor the breakup of the nuclear family. It seems that we are not bothered by the fact that our children are spending their strength and their fortunes on drugs and drink, nor are we bothered by the soaring crime rates, and we are not bothered by the loneliness and disorientation that so many face in our society. The moral decline that is evidenced by the lyrics to Lady Gaga's and R Kelly's songs is what we are trying to address on the TV. No, after one evening of watching commercials and seeing the products that are being advertised they would identify the issues that are uppermost on our minds. Those things would be easily identifiable as bad breath, body odor, indigestion, depression, constipation and erectile dysfunction.

Why are we so blinded to the real issues that plague us? Why do we not see the moral decay that is eating the foundations of the righteous institutions in our country. God help us to see what is a real issue and what is a figment of Wall Streets need to sell us one more thing.

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Adelle said...

This is funny, but a little sad because it's true. I'm happy that my family are not the only people who notice this. ^_^