Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 11- Business as usual?

By now the tragedy is that for many of us this has become more about food than about seeking. I pulled aside from the normal routine again today, to seek the face of Him who is our source. In the face of blizzard warnings and the need to shovel and pressing meetings and a million other things that I have forgotten to do... I want Him. It is a haunting obsession. It is beyond thought- beneath the wrappings of my life I find the brokenness of my soul and the hunger for the Kings Word and touch.

Even with media turned off one can find a way to get lost in the mundane and fruitless vanity that is our life. God! Make my life count for something Make my souls itch for you to move me to action. God, help my contentment with fruitless works- I want a full on hunger for your presence to so consume me that I ambursting in your presence.

Though my pattern of life is returning- hold me close, Savior, for I am "prone to wander".

I pray for the lost today- The way of the sinner is hard- continue to offer mercy to all sinners Lord- myself included. Amen

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