Friday, January 16, 2009

Down comes from Geese

Yesterday I sat transfixed as I watched the news describe in absolute awe how a pilot landed a plane in the Hudson river. I was moved. The plane was masterfully guided and landed in the river and the best of humanity demonstrated itself as one after another the passengers were lead off to safety by a menagerie of volunteers and make-shift first responders.

When I think of that plane I think of how wonderfully it is made, how, against all odds it flies, and how much it is worth. It reminds me of the human condition. We are, as humans, wonderfully made and of far greater worth than we can imagine (as evidenced by the price God paid for our souls - His Son!). We are capable of transcendent thought and marvelous dialogue with the Living God. We soar when we are operating according to the Makers manual.

Yet, amazingly, it only takes a couple of well placed geese to bring us down. Airports have done a variety of things to drive out the water fowl that threaten the take-offs of the modern jets. Everything from hawks and dogs, to poisons and mechanical devices. Yet the best efforts of men cannot guarantee that a few strays will not come into the flight path of the air born planes.

I realize that sometimes, in spite of my best efforts to live right, a few geese stray into my path as well. I have been brought low because of the geese of sin and selfishness. My splash down was not attended with nearly the same fanfare as the plane in the Hudson. But I have had many friends and compatriots that have pitched in to pull me out of the drink. So thanks to all my friends who have lifted up this marvelous machine when it was brought low by the stray geese of sin. And to my other friends... watch out for the waterfowl!

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Ben said...

Thank You for taking the time to write this . We need to be lifted when things fall all around us ! Thank God He is the the pilot and not me , Ben