Monday, January 19, 2009

The Power of Prophecy

Okay so yesterday we had Tom Stammans minister in morning and evening services. I have to say that Tom has an amazing heart for God's people. FYI true to his word he prophesied over every individual in the church Sunday evening. For those of you who left early Sunday evening-he prophesied for 4 hours and 15 minutes--- accurately! Any one who wanted a word for the Lord came forward and he gave them words of confirmation, words of revelation, and words of direction and encouragement. (Someone said there were 250 in the house Sunday night!) All this is, of course, done under the supervision of pastors and elders.

I am equally impressed by the heart he has for the worlds poor. The abused, the poor, the abandoned children of third world countries are the passion and heartbeat of Tom and his family. I encourage you to hear Tom's heart

I believe that the power of the prophetic is that of real hope. Irrespective of your situation in life it is only made better by a word of hope and direction from the Lord. Too many individuals (and churches!) are run by best guesses, carnal decision making, and desperate choices. Hope is the hunger of this generation. And God is a specialist in this area. Many times over the weekend I heard the Lord encourage someone afar off from the Lord, challenge to radically follow in specific ways (mission trips, business ventures, increasing education, striving for the honor role) and many times I saw the broken heart exposed, and the salve of God's Word applied to the situation. I truly think that the timing for CLC was God ordained!

We believe in pastoring the prophecies. While some churches leave those words unattended it is best if the words are written out and pastored. Discussing the things that are know (confirmations, etc) , the things that are hidden ( hmm what does that refer too), the things that are our responsibility to do (for prophecy speaks to potential- always), and the things that only God can do (these things inform our prayer life!).When prophecy is pastored the impact is doubled. As that word is submitted to the shepherd or elders, there can be accountability, further inspiration, and encouragement to be obedient. So if you are inclined that way please email me and we will try to get you a copy of your prophetic word.

If you were unable to attend this Sunday I am sooo sorry that you missed the services. If you dodged the prophet because of fear- perhaps you need to revisit the gentle character of the Lord in a bible study- he doesn't expose and embarrass, he heals and encourages!. Either way you missed some great services...

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