Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 5- Productive Times with Jesus

There are moments, seasons, if you will, that the Lord is close. Day 5 is often like that for me. Scripture jumps off the pages and enlightens the mind; the still small voice of God, once drowned out by the din of the multimedia generation that we live in, seems a bit louder now (though it probably has more to do with my quieting myself than with God speaking up!); and the presence of God- is ever more tangible!

Today a lady cut me off... I felt the Lord actually defusing my anger as the maniac driver flipped me the bird... I sensed the Lord giving me peace as I made the third trip through the emissions test on my truck... I sensed that God was in it and it was all going to be alright as I turned some troubled items over in my head. Where there was a sense of angst there now was rest and trust in the Lord.

In addition, several prayers- major ones that I have been lifting before the Lord came to pass today. I cannot verbalize to man nor God how blessed I am that he has used this moment in time to answer these prayers. Some of them I have been lifting up since July 08 - others for so much longer- yet to see the answers to prayer, and the hearts turn toward God in thanksgiving... I am deeply blessed.

One of the most productive things that we have given up in this fast is television (except News). We have limited our intake of TV to news and christian videos. This has added to our time to pray together. In addition to surrendering (Dan 10.3) sweet bread, meat and wine (though I don't drink) we have given up a few other things as well that have deepened our closeness in marriage. The TV fast has been among the most effective.

In addition, my vision is clearer, headaches gone, sciatic pain has decreased since i increased my water intake to 120 oz per day. Physically, I feel good.

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