Wednesday, March 14, 2007

choosing humanity

Being a human is wonder filled life.

Looking at my dog I realize that, though he gets to sleep more than I, he really doesn’t get much freedom. Those few moments walking with me or romping in a fenced in yard aren't really that spectacular. Especially with me muttering 'hurry up' or 'lets get to business'

Or what about a tree? Standing out there all winter branches to the sky- come on, it looks exhausting. In the winter they always look cold to me. Birds are cool cause they can fly but, ever see their nests? They seem kind of exposed. Not exactly the lap of luxury. So I'll choose humanity.

Humanity is good enough for me. Humanity is filled with the wonder of a child staring at the sky. Or the joy of catching his first fish. It is filled with pain at being judged and misunderstood or cheated and lied to. It is terrible and awesome; frightening and peaceful; it is whimsical and organized. It is amazing. And it is remarkable that this life was adopted by God so that we could be adopted by him.

Turns out, that he handled all the struggles we face our lifelong with better results. He chose the life as a human to adopt us as his sons and pay the price for our sins. In doing so he demonstrated a better way of living as humans- an embodiment of love.

No wonder we look to the Son of Man.

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