Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shady business this Kingdom

Lent day 20

In Mark chapter four Jesus teaches his followers about the Kingdom of God saying that it is like the Mustard Seed. Though the smallest of seeds it is destined to grow into a tree that will house the birds of the air.

As I pondered the teaching this morning I thought of the fact that it is powerful in three aspects.
1) the seeming insignificance of the kingdom's packaging. Contrary to the world which spends a lot of energy and flash on the package and PR, Jesus is content to have his kingdom come small and humble. Perhaps we should spend less effort on the exterior packaging and more on the substance of our souls if we are to accurately reflect the kingdom of Christ our God. 2) It grows. Following Jesus is not praying a prayer at an altar somewhere or being raised in a christian home. It is spiritual growth. There are many stagnant hearts in churches all across the US and the world that have failed to grasp the truth that yesterdays spiritual victory is - well- history. Today is the day of salvation- at least that is what the author of the book of Hebrews wrote. 3) the kingdom brings shelter to those wearisome fluttering hearts that look for a safe place to land, where they won't be eaten and where they can rest. Am I building my life to provide places of rest for others? Am I an offering of the restful presence of Jesus? Am I living for more than the shade for myself?

God, help me to change,
to rearrange and to reprioritize
to live with faith and strength that is beyond my ability
to love beyond my ability so as to offer YOU to them,
this watching world, circling and looking for rest
this wounded broken hurting cursed world of souls left out
I have learned of your kingdom, found rest in the strength of the branches that proceeded from your small beginning in me. Let me scatter this same seed. Amen.

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