Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crazy like Jesus

Lent day 16

Mark 3.21 When his family heard about this they went to take charge of him, for they said, "He is out of his mind."

What is this? Jesus' own family falling short of faith? It is never popular to take a stand of faith. Even the closest friends and relatives will question your sanity. Heck, even I question my own sanity sometimes! Think about it from their perspective. You are no longer living for yourself. You give stuff and money away. You take your spare time and serve others with it. You really give a rats behind about the people that you meet. Excessive, extreme, fanatical, weirdo.

Kind of nice to know that Jesus experienced that too, right? What did this do to their Sabbath meal conversations? Do you think they asked Jesus, "Really, Jeez, how you do that trick with the fish and the bread?" What did they think of his spirituality? Over the top, freakish, nuts?

I am crazy about Jesus. I love the way his Spirit moves upon me as I worship him. I love the way that he gives extreme wisdom in extreme circumstances. I love the fact that he meets me in my quiet time every time my knees are bent. But people don't understand. They think it is off the wall or weird. Can I tell you something? Lean a little closer to the computer screen. I don't care what they think, or how much they judge me, or whether they think I am nuts. I am in good company.

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